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Media Is Scouring the Wires for Celebrity Deaths

Anonymous Coward
User ID: 73261399
United States
12/29/2016 02:54 PM
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Media Is Scouring the Wires for Celebrity Deaths
The recent bout of celebrity deaths is probably just a coincidence. But the media love to blow things out of proportion. Anything for a cheap rating.

- They do this with shark attacks
- They do this with roller coaster injuries
- They do this with child abductions
- They do this with cop shootings
- They do this with mall riots
- They do this with plane crashes

Look for them to amplify "celebrity" deaths that they previously would have ignored just for effect. B C and D listers all of a sudden are going to start being noticed and mourned. They've already started by announcing the death of the guy who invented the red solo cup. No one ever heard of him before, but oh what a shame he's gone. MSM are a joke.