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President Trump HAS to step up 'to the plate'

The Laughing Cavalier
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United Kingdom
03/11/2017 05:12 PM

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President Trump HAS to step up 'to the plate'
As the U.K. equivalent of a Republican, I hope with all my heart that President Trump is the real deal, and, if he is, he needs to REALLY begin to throw out the scum that infest Congress, and the government as we know it!

It seems to me that the world and his wife are just turning around and saying, "I'm not doing that", when the President wants something done, for the good of America, I might add.

Why didn't these cheeky bastards do this when Illuminati psychopaths were 'running the show'? I'll tell you why; now you have a President who really does seem like he wants to put America and Patriots,-of which seem a dying breed,-first, they're getting brave, when we all know that good Americans should get braver still, and support him HARD.

I said on here before, that I wondered why Obama hadn't been whacked out, and I was deleted!!

By the way, the Illuminati, Knights of Malta, CFL, Jesuits, et al, still pull the strings behind the curtain, but this must STOP, not just America, but globally, as we're regressing as a species, not progressing.


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