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Allow Jesus Christ to be your comforter, allow Jesus Christ to be your strength

Anonymous Coward
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10/19/2017 11:02 PM
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Allow Jesus Christ to be your comforter, allow Jesus Christ to be your strength
By 278pikelk:
September 12, 2016
My daughter, write My words for those with ears to hear. I will remove things from the paths of My children that cause them to stumble. I will deliver you from temptation. Please pray My holy prayer, My children. You may not always understand why I do things the way that I do them, but you must trust and remain faithful. Do not doubt Me. Realize that all things are ultimately in My control and decided by Me. You can hear Me and understand Me correctly, My daughter. There is a piece of My puzzle in the stars, but do not give up seeking My face to seek after such mysteries. There will always be time to seek after these things after you are done spending time with Me, My love. My watchmen are the ones so prone to skipping their time with Me to pursue answers. They must be diligent seekers of relationship with Me before they search for pieces to My end-time puzzle. Remember this, My watchmen, for I have prayed for our relationships from the beginning [John 17:20]. I have always known the times that each of My children would be part of. I see your struggles, My children, but I also see your victories, and I celebrate them. You must see, even when you stumble, you are further along down My path than you’ve ever been before. Remember, I promised to never leave you where I found you. Cling tightly to My hand now, My loves, and do not let go. Enjoy the beauty I place before you every day, and do not focus on the darkness. You can know that it is there without dwelling on it. I desire for My children to be immersed in our relationship now, seeking My face continually, longing for Me as I long for you, including Me in your every decision and focusing upon Me immediately if you are ever side-tracked. My children, you are not subject to darkness, you are not subject to fear. When these spirits come against you, rebuke them with the power of My name. These spirits have no choice but to flee from the power of My name. Do nothing that opens you up to these demons, My children. Keep your heart and mind free of things that create openings for them. Confess to Me if you stumble, My loves, and know that your sins have been wiped clean. Focus on walking in My victory. Every single child of mine is living a different set of circumstances, but I see your hearts clearly, My loves. If you are facing things that are too difficult for you to handle, you must lay these things at my cross. Trying to walk on your own path will not work for you, My loves. Please, share everything with Me, and allow Me to be your comforter, allow Me to be your strength. My children, I find joy in your weakness, for less self means more of Me. Your troubles will be far fewer and less extreme when you have Me as your armor-bearer. Seek to know how much I love you, My children. With this knowledge comes wisdom, with this knowledge comes confidence, with this knowledge comes fearlessness and the ability to stomp the enemy under your feet. Remember, My children, no matter what you are facing in this world, keep your face set upon Me and never believe the lies of the enemy. Allow Me in, My children. Push Me away no longer. There is no reward in Heaven for self-reliance. Rewards will be given to those who wholly lay down their self-will and allow Me to direct their steps. My hand is mighty to guide you if you are willing to receive My guidance. My children, keep your eyes on the blessed hope of My return. Pray in the Holy Spirit constantly. Commune with Me often. Read and study My word. Keep your mind and eyes away from the snares of this world. Leave no open doors for the enemy. Allow Me to love the broken-hearted through you. Watch for miracles now, My loves. There are no coincidences, I assure you of this. I love you My children, Jesus Christ of Nazareth.