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I think that love is not "just chemicals", but really does exist.

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United States
11/06/2017 09:46 PM
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Re: I think that love is not "just chemicals", but really does exist.
There are variants of love.
There's teen-age love aka a crush.
There's lustful love aka chemical love.
There's familial love aka love of family, brother sister mother father
There's unconditional love aka Universal Love. This is the truest, deepest form of love. This love never leaves or wanes because there is no charge attached to it. It does not come in spurts with peaks and valleys. It is steady, consistent, and deep - unending.
It is so powerful, the galactics say it is the strongest force in the universe.
It is the foundation upon which we will build the future.
It is the godlike.
Anonymous Coward
User ID: 75439286
United States
11/06/2017 10:06 PM
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Re: I think that love is not "just chemicals", but really does exist.
"It is an actual frequency. The human emotion of love has been measured scientifically. The electro-magnetic field generated by the heart of ppl who were tested in labs while focusing on love is much stronger than that generated by any other emotion - it's as if love is amplified in a feed back loop - like God playing Hendrix.

The resonant frequency of love is present in the macro (cosmos) as well as in the micro (i.e., sacred geometry). I believe it underlies everything, connecting all in a unified field.
Quoting: Anonymous Coward 75439286

That's an interesting way of looking at the world, it's quite a positive mindset. I wonder what makes you think this way?"

Because I've experienced it. We all have to some degree. Have you ever truly loved something? No strings. Heartfelt love that you shared and they received? You can do this with anything, animals, ppl, plants, whatever. The more you open to expressing it, the more you notice how it affects you and all you share it with. There are strong feedback loops that develop in the periphery of my eyes when I'm expressing unconditional love - I see balls of light in the periphery of my vision that bubble up with increased speed as the resonant frequency of the love emotion grows. So, it has a physical effect on my body. I've noticed that animals detect this as well. I've had horses, lions, birds, dogs, cats, and all manner of wildlife react - some with shock that a human is capable of realizing the connection - to the sharing.
I've seen dimensions open up from the power of the heartfelt love and I know it is the portal through which we can travel inter-dimensionally.
This is the power of your soul. This is your right, your inheritance. This is your future.