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Message Subject GLP Gardeners have begun planning my spring garden using Ollas for irrigation
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Iím going coco noir this summer, first time trying it.

Hopefully better than last years crop, aphids killed me because I forgo the neem oil, relying on good microbe soil.

Never again!

 Quoting: Rorschach Watchmen

For insect control Neem oil, Diatomaceous Earth, Garlic oil (also repels rabbits) and Mint oil and plants all keep insect populations down
 Quoting: SilverPatriot

I usually spray every year with neem, but forgo it this year because I bought some soil from a soil farmer. Had great stuff in it but I think I over watered a few times and washed out the nutrients too fast, killing the microbes.

Thought about ordering the ladybugs but by the time they would have arrived it wouldnít of mattered. We went to Yellowstone and left them under the care of my near blind father so by the time I got home and noticed the infestation it was beyond the point of no return. Was close to harvest, 3 weeks out.

My indoor was great, but outdoor has such a different turnout, even if itís the same strain.

Thanks for the other recommendations though, will definitely try the garlic oil in my red chard and kale, damn bunnies love it.
 Quoting: Rorschach Watchmen

same here. outdoor pested. indoor fine.
heat stress and dry air= lots of pests
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