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Message Subject GLP Gardeners have begun planning my spring garden using Ollas for irrigation
Poster Handle SilverPatriot
Post Content
Nice! my seed order is en route...I like to start tomatoes and peppers earlier then suggested. About to put in fava beans so they can grow for a bit before I mow them down (yuck) and turn them into the soil. Olla's are awesome.
 Quoting: Lancifer

Fava is one of many beans that contain PHA a plant-produced insecticide that make the beans poisonous if consumed raw however, I know nothing of the contents of the leaves and stems.

We add seaweed, Icelandic kelp, earthworm castings and azomite to fertilize and return nutrients to the soil.
 Quoting: SilverPatriot

Great soil amendment choices. That Azomite is great stuff, are you able to purchase it locally or do you buy it online?

Another rock dust mineral source is Mezotrace, it is sold for animal feed supplementation and human consumption, it seems a little expensive but I've been taking it on and off for a while and I think it's helping my teeth. Now when I buy it I say "it's cheaper than the dentist" and I've noticed it seems to work synergistically with a probiotic. I'm going to step up my consumption of Mezotrace and see what happens.

I have some Azomite that I got for a tree I'm especially fond of. I put some on the roots last fall and I will do it again early this spring.
 Quoting: Vision Thing

Use Endo Mycorrhizae on roots when transplanting into the garden from our greenhouses.

We purchase Azomite along with Earthworm Castings, kelp and seaweed fertilizer online it is easier and cheaper than hunting store to store.

Try some kelp on your favorite tree boosting the nutrients on the soil always helps just spread it wide and soak the soil.

Mycorrhizal Applications
[link to mycorrhizae.com]
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