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Message Subject The rest of the world finds it bizarre how the illegals can vote in US elections
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
In most countries you need to show proof of your citizenship before you get to vote.

In other words, when you go out and vote, you need to show your passport or national ID card to the elections official before he/she gives you the voting slip. A non-citizen can have a national ID card, but it shows clearly his citizenship.

This makes it practically impossible for a non-citizen to vote. If you're not a citizen, you're not on the roll of eligible voters and you don't have the proper ID to vote.

So, I am curious as to why USA hasn't implemented something like this.

-Is the voting protocol a state or federal issue? In other words, can the states decide independently whether an ID is required or not?

-Is there some constitutional issue preventing you from asking for an ID to vote, or is it just a question of political will? I can see why the democrats would oppose IDs.

-Since those who oppose IDs cannot say that they simply want non-citizen votes, they must have some other arguments. What are those? "IDs are too expensive for the poor?", "It's racist to think that the illegals would vote in the elections", or what?
 Quoting: Dr. Moran

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