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Subject Sometimes people have to be dragged into the light for all to see. You wanted the Captain to go down with the ship? Ain’t nobody got time for dat
Poster Handle TurtleMan
Post Content
Wish it could have been done in an “easier” manner.

Everyone just looking for a captain to go down with the ship. No one ever thought the Captain might have wanted to drag the ship down, to have the rats jump overboard into the ocean, only to the plug the hole and then save the ship? The Captain is rarely also an engineer. The Captain Just taking orders from the Admiral above, who cannot be seen, only known.

So many rats exposed in last week. That should give you plenty to focus on over the next “leg” however long it lasts.

Make no mistake, the ship is being repaired.

The last rats are jumping ship as we speak... The Captain found some good ole tar that no water can wash away.


adjective: counter-factual
relating to or expressing what has not happened or is not the case.
noun: counter-factual
a counterfactual conditional statement

I’m not really interested in History, I’m interested in counter-factuals. Understanding counter-factuals of the past can help us see them coming in the future. What would the world be like “without” this event coming? That means predicting what is coming. If we become good, and we have faith, we can change entire timelines...

Do you think that he would actually choose to go down with the ship? “Ain’t nobody got time for dat!” Whoever wrote that timeline I “LOL” at... Everything had to happen as it happened.

Things bout to get fun. Lady Justice is coming and she is cold, swift, and brutal to those who forgot about her.

Long live God, Long live love, long live humanity...

Peace, Shalom, Namaste, and Peace in Russian (Didn’t realize no Russians speak here often as Russian script is not possible use... )

Now, we got an election to win ;)

Many traitors are about to be held up for ridicule... For those who stake their whole lives on reputation, this might not be a good time for you. Find what real happiness, power, peace, and love is... In this life or the next. I’ll pray for you...
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