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Message Subject QAnon: It's on, don't panic ii
Poster Handle deplorable scottfree
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What’s the ambulance for? Read they had cement truck and were trying fill in tunnels. I guess why all the bags were there. Was thinking about that weird not kitchen lab in one of the videos and thought of cloning maybe there too after reading this. IDK but not so far fetched. This stuff, cloning etc is becoming a hard reality. How do you determine who’s who if dna is same? Another possibility is cloning just specific parts.

[link to threadreaderapp.com (secure)]

Jeffrey Peterson
Replying to @realJeffreyP
This is not a JOKE...I said I will NEVER LIE 2 U...and I will NOT...I clearly overheard it & I could see that others who were there also were uneasy / I KNOW WHAT I HEARD ... they are doing REAL LIFE experiments w/CLONING on REMOTE ISLANDS .. This is the #TRUTH

I clearly overheard Sperling speaking with Pelosi about advanced cloning experiments on living beings, including animals and humans.
The other individual I heard both Pelosi and Sperling speaking about relating to cloning experiments being done on remote islands, was Jeff Bezos, CEO of Amazon.

Bezos was not there. But they were talking about him. And Pelosi kept saying, "He's doing mine." "He's doing mine."

Anyone else think RBG reading the above?
 Quoting: aliasx

So if a human was cloned, would the clone have a soul? Could that clone be occupied by a "wandering soul"?
 Quoting: Darkman

That's where my mind's been going. Talk about perfect possession!
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