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Message Subject QAnon: It's on, don't panic ii
Poster Handle Darkman
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Thread: The coming crisis no one can see .....

Why is no one seeing the million lb gorilla in the room ?
U.S. crop failures are epic and just now being realized . The FDA was doing their late season crop review tour and ended early because they were threatened . Millions of acres not even planted because of biblical flooding . Now at " normal harvest , we are seeing corn without ears yet.Rationing of corn for ethanol has already begun with waivers being issued to producers.
There is a very real chance of an early season cold snap ( freeze ) creating very real potential to lose even more crops . The outlook for the coming years, is as grim as it has been this year . Why is no one paying attention??? The flooding didnt just delay planting , it destroyed millions of tonnes of stored grain......
This is NOT just happening here. Its global.
It's my opinion that this trade war with china has much less to do with goods from China as it does with keeping our food HERE.
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 Quoting: The Natural One

Crops and trade, Food has always been used as a weapon and or leverage!
China crop loss is growing, and the outbreak of pig flu affecting 20%.
I think this will help US get a fairer trade deal, With some evil mother fuckers!

I believe you are right about keeping it for ourselves!
As we are entering a Grand Solar Minimum historical evidence is that it will be very cold! Food production will decrease and population has grown into the billions! How bad will it be???

Thank GOD for all our natural resources!
And now we are a exporter of fuel!
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This is a land flowing with milk and honey. We are blessed.
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