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Message Subject QAnon: It's on, don't panic ii
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
What happened to Q anyway? Hasn't posted for awhile.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 24180744

not sure if serious, but the short answer:

They took down the Nazi/Pedo Chan (because of the Incel Autist Patriot Mass shooting and manifesto)
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 70971451

You are weird, eight chan was not Nazi or pedo. And the shooter were not, of eight chan or was it from there that it was posted first, it was the first to remove it. It was turned over to the law enforcement by them.

What you are saying could be listed as Slander with good cause.

Facebook would be the one to talk about some of the violence as they let the Christ Church attacker to stay on facebook,

Instagram and others did the first things, not 8 chan who they used to throw off from looking at them. Kind of pointing the finger and someone else when they were guilty of what they accused others of doing.

They do not take people free speech for anyone because of their sexual choices. That does not mean the majority are this way. Like life, there are homosexual in the minority and you can not tell them to not speak.

To claim they are the ones who come on to their site and cause trouble is a bad thing. No they are not prefect impossible on the internet and a free speech one that is not PC speak. Troll and others put things there when they were mad. Also it not just one group who has there own place on eitht chan, it has all kinds of sections of people to have their own place to even study the constitution.

I would not insult that similar to what a pot calls and kettle bad.

I went over there when attaches were going on, it was not from the patriot site.

Four Chan was more wild and crazy and they have it all. There you will find more of those NAZI type, or they did for a while.

Of course you can find NAZI type in all walks of life even universities, this is not just one the internet. Communist, NAZI and everything more and some less, in higher hall of learning today, pity.
 Quoting: hankie

well, the eight chan /pol people acknowledged the El PAso shooter as one their own .. they had a image/meme thread for his honor ... one meme I remember was


[security cam pic of that chan anon patriot w/ assault rifle]



Do you have any idea why you cannot link to them from GLP? hint, has to do with sex and minors ... most of the pedo porn on eight/"cripple" chan was drawings or animations, though ...

/pols are if not Nazi, at least HC antisemitic ... most normies would deem them horrible ...


the problem with chans is not the talk or free speech, but because some of the incel autists take the chat too seriously ... they are lonely nuts who seek approval of their online peers and inevitably some autist patriots spill their online Nazism out in the "meatspace" ...
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