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Message Subject QAnon: It's on, don't panic ii
Poster Handle JackFiddler
Post Content
All have likely noticed how both Q and Trump seem to support/'love' police and LEO. Why?

They got us here no different than thr other names we dig. Do not lose sight of the following reality.

These enforcers allow, enable, participate in, and profit from, cover up, and are otherwise complicit in VAST criminality.

Most will jump to say, "not all", or "I have cops in my family", or "I am a good guy/cop".

So ask them these two questions.

Whether they answer or not, you have seeded these rightfully tormenting thoughts in their consciousness:

1. Have you ever arrested a fellow LEO, politician, or so called elite in your jurisdiction when had they NOT been in one of those categories, you would have?

No cops, pols, or 'elite' beat their wives, drink and drive, touch kids, run hookers/drugs/etc, do hits, steal evidence, plant evidence, lie on reports, fudge numbers? Or just none during your entire career while you were on the clock.

2. Have you ever fabricated or planted evidence, accounts, or reports to close a case, get a warrant, augment charges, or knowlingly broken the rules or law for stats, promotion, vendetta, emotion, or any other reason? Never pinned open files on suspects who you knew where not the perp?

No other cops on shift with you, during your entire career did anythong like this that you were aware of or witnessed?

LEOs are much like the MSM, in that there are powers and pockets far bigger than their salaries and local lodges that will incentivise their criminality or willingness to be blind to in for certain populations.

Leadership in LEOs? You know the answer already...
 Quoting: JackFiddler

How many incarcerated people are overcharged and oversentenced, unjustly charged, completely innocent, etc of crimes, due to the political pressure to 'lower crime' and increase arrests?

Law makers make more things criminal, always, as they are full time lawmakers. LEO are expected to drive revenue. This revenue comes from numbers. Arrests. Convictions. Court costs. Jail fees. DMV fees. Mandated treatment fees. Private prison contracts.

Gotta get that promotion! Fuck all of the lives ruined by this role in imprisoning unjustly, destroying families, future generations, etc.

The police in the USA started as the Slave Patrol. And it remains, 'citizen'.

Some say that No cop does the right thing-unless they QUIT. They will not be allowed by the blue wall. That is a GANG.
 Quoting: JackFiddler

Thread: The criminality of GLOBAL LEOs
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