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Subject Only the disciple of an initiatic school, who is instructed in the omnipotence of spirit over matter, can gradually free himself from heredity
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
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"The formation of a childís body in the motherís womb is not a purely physiological process. In forming its physical body, the soul of the child calls to itself its large and invisible family in the beyond to help in this construction. From all directions, not only grandparents and great-grandparents, but even very distant ancestors arrive and set to work. A childís body, then, is a reflection, a synthesis of generations of beings going back centuries and millennia, and this is why it is conditioned by atavism, by a heredity which can either be healthy or unhealthy. Under this weight of the generations, it is very difficult to escape the heredity and influence of oneís family. Only the disciple of an initiatic school, who is instructed in the omnipotence of spirit over matter, can gradually free himself from the burden of heredity."

Be it in the physical, moral or intellectual plane, all human beings arrive on earth with shortcomings, disabilities even. These shortcomings and disabilities may vary in severity, but they always have the same cause, which is that in their previous lives, these human beings have led unreasonable existences. All their mistakes have accumulated, condensed, solidified like growths and now they are faced with matter that resists. So, what can be done? Well, they can use the process in reverse, in other words make these growths dissolve by subjecting them to the fire of the spirit in order to create something altogether purer and more harmonious. If you want to transform, remodel your temperament, your tendencies, your habits, your heredity even, you must call upon the celestial fire. Once you have attracted this fire within you, you will maintain it so that it dissolves your matter and then by using your thought you will work relentlessly to make new creations within you.

"History has certainly known very rare beings who have come into this world totally exempt from faults and passions and who have been predestined for some great work. Why are they not more numerous? The truth is that, because of heredity, almost no families on earth could give the luminous spirits that want to incarnate appropriate materials with which to form their physical and psychic bodies. Even the greatest initiates are obliged to work year after year on the faults and defects passed on to them through heredity. Even if their spirit helps the mother during gestation and works with her to gather the best elements, they cannot prevent some hereditary imperfections from threading their way through; although they come from celestial regions, they have to bear heavy burdens. That is why men and women who want to raise a family must become conscious of their power to help some great spirits incarnate in the best conditions. They will receive such gratitude from these spirits who become their children!"


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