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Message Subject Louder with Crowder: Sven Computer Crashes Another LGBT IN ATX!
Poster Handle Ohio chic
Post Content
I donít condone sinful acts such as homosexuality, but what they do behind closed doors is none of my business as itís none of their business what I do.
I do not understand why they should get special treatment because they like the same gender, sexually.

Why canít I get special treatment because I prefer a man that is skillful or has dark hair, etc.

Sexuality should not be used for any kind of acceptance or special privilege

I never understood that.

Sex is a wonderful thing but it is not something that is required to have to live.
If you never have sex again you will continue to breathe, so why should anyone get any special privilege for an act that is not required to sustain life.

To me, the problems that need fixed and special privileges are the problems that interfere with sustaining life.
Not who I prefer to have sex with.
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