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Message Subject Help My Cat Is Sick
Poster Handle stoidi
Post Content
Read an article where the swifr sweeper mop fluid can cause liver failure.
My old cat was turning yellow under his black fur and losing weight. I guess they get it on their paws when you mop and lick it. It is like a poison.
He did pass away, but he was 16 and a ferel (wild) can that adopted us, when he was a kitten.
Now, I shut the screen and keep the cats out till the floor is dry.
It is hard to choose between our priorities and our pets. We love how we love. But there are so many homeless cats that need a good spot.
We currently have plenty and another wild boy stops by to hang out.
One of our cats has one tooth, a fat tumor on her back and blind in one eye.
When she goes, she goes, she has had a great life here, she is 16 and we rescued here from the humane society 12 years ago. So unless it is an injury that I can't treat with hydrogen peroxide, or to get fixed, we don't use the vet.
The Husband is irreplaceable, so he comes first, every time. He helps with the mortgage and bills, the cat doesn't. tomato
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