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Subject OAN Interviews QAnon Founder - Troll LARP That Ran Out Of Control - Who Runs It Now?
Poster Handle Coppercoal
Post Content

QAnon Founder, "Microship", claims in the interview that he and a few friends started "Q" as LARP to be funny on the Chans.

Said they picked "Q" because of the Luther Blissett novel by the same name.

[link to www.amazon.com (secure)]

But he goes on to say that they've stopped long ago, and some other group has swooped in to take control of the "Q" persona.

So who is it?

OAN goes on to speculate that it's probably various groups making dollar dollar off of merchandise and app sales.

But who knows?

Did Military Intel take it over?

See Aye fonz ???

Or just another group of LARPers?

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