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Wonderful News in the Fingers


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09/14/2018 02:01 PM

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Wonderful News in the Fingers
Please cross your index finger BEHIND your middle finger and I will teach you something about God and you. We have been doing it wrong, crossing our taller middle finger behind the index finger.

Notice that you are the index finger and God is the taller middle finger. You are behind God, following Him. God is supposed to be living your life! You are the vessel and God supplies all the power within you.

Notice how weak your index finger feels when you cross it behind the stronger middle finger. The index finger feels like it can barely hold its position. Try it now. Also notice how the index finger, which is you, is peeking at your life from behind God, which is the middle finger.

Lastly, notice how God as the middle finger is completely protecting you as the index finger. Just the tip of your head peeks out at your life in front of God.