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It is 2018 and Internet tech and app tech is more f'ing BUGGY and garbage than ever!!!!

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09/22/2018 04:13 PM
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It is 2018 and Internet tech and app tech is more f'ing BUGGY and garbage than ever!!!!
Anyone noticed this?

Nothing f'ing works anymore. BUGS, BUGS, BUGS, and shit customer service.

Examples: Belk's website is complete trash, and despite 10 attempts to make orders, none of them go through, despite no issues with my credit card. This has involved letters, dozens of phone calls, and my issue being "sent to corporate" and nothing resolved.

This shithead company is LOSING money because they're so fucking inept and their site is complete trash. A internet search reveals hundreds of people hate the company.

I just had a completely idiotic issue with Coinbase. I added a bank account, but it's not showing up for me. Re-start browser, clear cookies, nothing, but THEY SEE IT ON THEIR END. So now I have to send a screenshot to them for them to look. I mean how fucking stupid is that?

I also had a bank write me a letter and tell me they are CLOSING my fucking bank account for no fucking reason at all. I've never had an issue or an overdraft. This dumbfuck bank is just going to lose money and a customer, for what? No reason given!

Those are just a few examples, not to mention Facebook which is nothing but bugs and stupid shit, or the CENSORSHIP going on with social media whereby tons of accounts are being blocked.

Still eating the crust off Hillary's dirty diaper, I see.

ALL HAIL HIS GRACE, DONALD OF HOUSE TRUMP, Keeper of the Borders, Father of the Walls, Deporter of illegals, Usurper of Prime Real Estate, Master of the Deal, Haver of the Best Words, Defiler of Miss Universes, Slayer of Cucks, Overlord of the Kingdoms of North America and Europe, God of Gods, King of Kings, Leader of the Human Species, Lord of the European Race and President of the Realm.

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09/22/2018 04:20 PM

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Re: It is 2018 and Internet tech and app tech is more f'ing BUGGY and garbage than ever!!!!

Frustrate and stress and depress the masses.

Get them hooked and then cut the supply with baby powder.
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