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Observatory Shutdown Theory, Holo-Fractal Moon Hologram, Winter/Spring Equinox

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10/22/2018 11:54 PM
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Observatory Shutdown Theory, Holo-Fractal Moon Hologram, Winter/Spring Equinox
Perhaps I need some help on this. This forum is getting blasted with caravan crap but we are starting to get to some very interesting ideas concerning occult conspiracy, holo-matrix world theory, and reality as we know.. or lack thereof.

Remember a month ago when the observatories went down? It was multiple ones that went down, not just the New Mexico one. It got me thinking, "They must have seen something they weren't supposed to.. they must have gone to said observatories, verified the deletion of recorded contents, and leave." It wasn't any espionage... or CP bust... those are garbage theories, in my opinion.

Now check this out:

[youtube]( [link to www.youtube.com (secure)]

Basically, various people, not just this guy, is viewing the moon with a literal REFRESH RATE.. yes, as the moon moves in its orbit, there is a refresh rate upon it. 7 other YouTubers have verified its contents..

But here is where things get VERY STRANGE...

There was the cult group Heavens Gate who believed the equinoxes held some sort of open gateway: One in which humans souls passed through and the other for the gods to pass.

"The soul was believed to incarnate into the flesh after having descended from Heaven passing through the Gate of Man. Having lived another live on Earth the soul eventually left the body after death and returned to Heaven again this time passing through the Gate of God. The Gate of Man corresponds with the crossing of the Milky Way and ecliptic at 5° Gemini (sidereal zodiac) while the Gate of God corresponds with the crossing of the Milky Way and ecliptic in 5° Sagittarius.

The Greek writer Macrobius called these gates on the ecliptic, through which the souls ascended and descended to Heaven, the Gates of the Sun. This is because not only mortal man but also the Sun dies and is reborn in the precession cycle at the very same gates. When the Sun resides on the gates of the Sun at an equinox or solstice, it represents a Galactic Alignment and Great Celestial Conjunction.

What happens during the 39 year period of a Great Celestial Conjunction is that the Sun at the equinox or solstice slowly shifts through the Galactic Equator of the Milky Way." -Freemasonry website

For those on next level thinking, along with David Icke, the reality as we know is just information input into our brains. Basically, David Icke theory is this:

"All visible light spectrum energy emits at a certain frequency range and is sent to the eyes, its rods and cones, in which the brain compiles data to interpret via the central nervous system. This, it is data compilation, that is broken down via a system, in its simplest form, as binary, input and output. In theory, if one were to introduce said Electro-Magnetic energy, via the visible light spectrum, and introduce it into the human's eyes, what they see is real; regardless if it is a hologram masking something."

This has to do with Saturn-Moon Matrix theory.. which is what I believe this is all getting down to.

There was something that happened with the moon. Strange anamolies can be viewed on the moon during the equinoxes. Occultists/Hyperspace dimensions exist during certain times of the year based on this important astronomy dates.

What I am beginning to ponder is this: The Moon, planets, and heavenly objects are being projected. Why? I don't know... also deals with chemtrails being used to amplify the power of hologram capability. If you dust the atmosphere to distort the visible light energy introduced from the heavens to earth to our eyes, via diffraction and refraction, you can, in electromagnetic theory, introduce a more powerful signal (the moon/saturn broadcasts) that can jam out/barrage jam the real signal. It's essentially masking the true visible light data with a more powerful fake hologram, masking the truth from our eyes.

With certain lenses, perhaps the observatories saw things they were not supposed to...

And with the stories of heavy Psychonaut trippers: the world we see as reality is fake, truly a prison.