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Message Subject What would you say to him?
Poster Handle Look What YOU made me do
Post Content
Don't be playing songs like that to me unless you are close enough to hold me.That broke my heart.

 Quoting: Look What YOU made me do

How you feel is your choice. My pain isn't so available to feed others in hope of their understanding.
 Quoting: pool

Well it wasn't a happy song and you DID put it up for ME in regard to my question of what he would say to me.Yeah it is my choice kind of how to feel but not totally because I am always looking for answers and seeking.I would like to shut my heart felt emotions down and am trying but processing is a bitch and I grew up being made to just be quiet and I got tired of that.To hide my pain. There is a time and place for everything it is true but holding too much in is not a good thing,at least not for me.

And I didnt mean to insult you of the choice of song you picked just saying how it made me feel.
I happen to like you : )
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