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User ID: 239555
United States
05/30/2007 01:30 PM
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Please bookmark this and put up any observations & reports of unusual weather phenomena taking place. This can be what you’re seeing or hearing about from your own area or post media reports from anywhere - especially extreme / freaky events or new records:

--- sudden or unexplainable changes in weather conditions
--- freak storms and their characteristics
--- strange lightning or cloud formations
--- any significant correlations that seem to accompany the weather anomalies

Please include anything you hear from friends, relatives or read on other sources. If you post articles, accounts of media reports or postings from other websites & message boards, please give the source url to link it. And would appreciate if other GLP threads on WX + climate are linked to this one.

This is ‘A Truth Warrior’ posting from down in Texas and the weather here is obviously going berserk, especially over past 12 weeks! And it is now becoming apparent that things are not following the normal patterns at all; that we are undergoing some sort of bizarre climate aberration but none of the local TV meteorologists seem able to explain the root causes.

I know plenty of weather stuff but not a meteorologist … weather hound from way back, Fire Dept med service, Skywarn, Red Cross Disaster training, etc. Several of us like-minded folks (be prepared & forewarned, keep your powder dry) are becoming increasingly concerned about what’s going on and feel that these weather trends are going from strange to kind’a scary - especially as we see very weird characteristics with storms and also that our situation is suddenly changing from severe drought to widespread flooding.

Most important, imho, is that the so-called ‘authorities’ are not being forthcoming with the public about what is really taking place… or more plainly said, tptb are covering up - bigtime!
>Yes, we are noticing how various big media sources & channels like Discover, Weather-TWX, even Sci-Fi, are all featuring weather-related reports, disaster movies or series every week.
>Yes, we are noticing that TWX (The Weather Channel) is running a series on Global Warming Disasters with their climate Scientist, Dr. Heidi Cullen. Of course, the emphasis in most all these programs is the “future possibilities” … how catastrophes “could” take place at some later date.

*** But, is anyone else feeling as we are… that we are seeing these types of things starting to happen now, that weather/climate abnormalities are impacting our lives in unexpected ways NOW?!? ***

Check out this thread “Gulf Stream Disruption” as it may give some big clues - from “Climate Patrol Forum” a great site to bookmark too: [link to www.climatepatrol.com]

My intuit of what’s really going on… call it a strong gut-twisting hunch, is that we’re going into some sort shift - a period of mass calamity. What’s hard to discern if there are ‘natural’ factors causing this, including cosmic energies like GRB’s (supernova energy particles, solar CME, etc), perhaps heralding the ancient prophecies like Hopi’s Blue Star Kachina, Vedic Mahakranti, Biblical Armageddon, etc. Or… if these things are being secretly contrived behind scenes by NWO global controllers (puppet-masters) using advanced directed-energy war technologies? Another possible is that these abnormal WX conditions may signal all-out EM, Scalar-induced WEATHER WARFARE taking place WWIII covert style (=kept from public knowledge) and that it’s intensifying between the superpowers.

Today May 30th in DFW, we have been experiencing a large cluster of severe storms coming down from the north. On radar, they looked like bull’s-eye for Dallas; winds over 70mph + large hail. I think news said Denver area got hammered with big hail storm yesterday - yes?

Hmmm… Now, TWC is announcing that today Moscow is suddenly having a freak heat wave, 90 F, a new record - norm would be 60’s. Interesting correlation that CNN has breaking news about new ICBM that Russia test fired yesterday; it can supposedly penetrate the Missile Defense Shield being erected over Europe. And now Putin is coming to USA to meet with ‘W’ ??? Hmmm…

CNN: 5-30-07 Bush, Putin to meet as rift between nations widens
[link to www.cnn.com]
--- > quote: On Tuesday, Putin warned that the planned U.S. missile shield for Europe would turn the region into a "powder keg." /

Will post some very unusual observations with recent storms but can’t do so till later.

To all: Remember … it’s important to have preps, emergency plans for family members, and monitor local conditions via a Scanner (Wal-Mart or Radio Shack). You can keep up with Police, Fire, Sherriff, and also the Skywarn “ARES” storm spotters: [link to www.skywarn.org]


PS - Update from local ABC-Ch 8 news at noon CDT: The severe storms that just went through Dallas has blown roofs off buildings in northern areas at Plano.
Anonymous Coward
User ID: 75183
United States
05/30/2007 01:59 PM
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Rain In Sugar Land, Houston area yesterday, very weird like big sheets of water being thrown down and not normal rain.
A Truth Warrior (OP)
User ID: 239555
United States
05/31/2007 02:54 AM
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Am up very late tonight because it has been storming with heavy C-G lightning & booming thunder for over 2 hours now(since about 11pm CDT Weds night, 30th). The storms just suddenly popped up and began getting strong fast. They began forming in Parker County, west of DFW, and moving very slow to southwest along what looks to be a boundary or front (or ?) running through the southwestern quadrant of the DFW metroplex (Texas).

To AC #75183 - yep, we've been having those "deluge" rainfalls too just like you reported from Sugarland (southwest Houston). It's like being under a waterfall coming down on ya!

Also, here's latest *bizarre* weather news just coming in.

Source: Climate Patrol
[link to www.climatepatrol.com]


Record Cold Grips Europe
Posted 05-30-07 02:01:28pm by Indy
With the month of June only a couple of days away Europe is in the grip of a significant cold weather outbreak. The cold blast has brought snow to parts of Germany and some of the coldest May weather ever experience in London.
London / LHR set a record for the 2nd coldest May day on record. Could this be related to what we believe was a gulf stream disruption? Please visit the related stories.

[Also go to url listed above to see these links below]:

-- Second Coldest May Day Ever In London
-- Freak snow, freezing temperatures and tropical storms across Europe
-- Gulf Stream Disruption

So ... apparently it was 90 degrees F in Moscow at same time it was snowing over in Germany = this is NUTS!
Anonymous Coward
User ID: 226138
United States
05/31/2007 03:16 AM
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End of May/Early June and have to wear a jacket in the evenings because of the chill in the air.