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In Which Bob Recounts the Drama of an Impacted Wisdom Tooth Extractiond and an Inexplicable Moment of Surreal Recognition.

Anonymous Coward
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United Kingdom
06/01/2007 06:33 PM
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In Which Bob Recounts the Drama of an Impacted Wisdom Tooth Extractiond and an Inexplicable Moment of Surreal Recognition.
Pull up a chair and sit yourself down...

So there I was, making my way to the dentist's, very aware that I was about to have a carious and impacted l/l wisdom tooth removed, and feeling like a condemned man. I should point out that the tooth had given me absolutely no pain up until that point, but a dentist had previously assured me it was a timebomb and that really, it needed to come out sooner rather than later.

Of course, like any sensible and pain fearing person I decided to get a second opinion....um, four years later. New dentist woman said that it was amazing I'd had no pain from it, but agreed with her colleague's earlier conclusion and asserted that it was decayed right down to the root. "I'll refer you to "The Clinic" and they'll get it out for you."

That was two weeks ago, and today I went to said clinic, keeping focussed on the fact that within a couple of hours it would all be over and that I was saving myself a lot of grief in the long run.

When I arrived, I was shown into the surgery room. The dentist introduced herself and sat me down in "The Chair". But as she talked to me, I had the rather odd sensation that I knew this person from somewhere...not because of her appearance, as that rang no bells whatsoever, but because of her manner, the things she said and the way she said them. She was Irish and 10 years younger than me, and I was totally unable to place her.

I said nothing, however, as I had more immediate matters to attend to, and the dentist procceded to numb the area with a couple of injections. The first was fine, while the second was damn sore. She kept apologising for the pain she was causing, leading me to wonder hwo she would cope with what was about to follow. Anyway, she took an x-ray to confirm the damage was as described in her notes and then told me to sit in the waiting room. I sat. Her pretty assistant came in ten minutes later and led me back to "The Chair" where I sat/lay as casually as I could, inwardly crying like a demented hag.

The dentist then said one of the strangest things possible in the circumstances. She said, "You know, it's strange, but I feel like I knew you in a previous life." I was momentarily stunned. We briefly discussed where we had eached lived/worked and as she'd lived in Ireland until beginning training, it wasn't possible that we'd met. Like I said, her face wasn't familiar, so it wasn't that "I vaguely recognise you" type thing. I didn't want to seem like I was chatting her up before a surgical procedure, so I didn't tell her of my own deja vuish feeling of recognition. Friends tell me this was what is referred to as a "missed opportunity, you f*ckwit."

The dentist then said, "I'm going to explain the procedure to you. I then mentally began to say "la la la la la la la la la la" as loudly as I could while nodding like and idiot, but I was still unfortunate enough to catch, "drill into your jaw", and "may have to break the tooth into 4 pieces". I very casually told her to go for it, as if I was about to try a new haircut. In fact I was looking roung the room to be sure I knew the shortest route to the exit.

A minute later my former soul mate started to work on me. there was a further injection after I squealed a bit when she dug into the tooth with what I thought was unneccessary force. Then she started to drill, telling her assistant to support my jaw. I was settling in for the long haul, hating the drilling vibrations and the taste of blood in my throat, when lo, a minute later the dentist was holding up an intact and bloody tooth, looking as shocked as I was. "There, sweetheart (for she was Irish). That was really easy." Very pleased with herself she was, as was I, if I'm being honest. Of course, I drove home happy as Larry, with blood dripping out my mouth and onto my jeans like a werewolf after a feeding frenzy.

Sadly, it's now started hurting like a bitch, and I look like I'm keping nuts in the side of my mouth in case I get hungry later, but HEY, I had a quasi-supernatural experience during which I apparently met a former life partner who took out a huge and impacted wisdom tooth.

I would just like to say that at no stage during any part of the procedure, post or ante, did I cry. This is a fact. Dentists now hold no fear for me. This DESPITE the fact that the dentist that referred me to "The Clinic" broke a file inside a molar when doing a root canal the week before, and was unable to get it back out thereafter.

I can't remember why I started telling you this...

User ID: 226069
United Kingdom
06/01/2007 06:42 PM
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Re: In Which Bob Recounts the Drama of an Impacted Wisdom Tooth Extractiond and an Inexplicable Moment of Surreal Recognition.
I logged in, so why did my username not show up and why did I have to log in again after posting. Yet another surreal and inexplicable phenomenon. I think I'm haunted.