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Poster Handle End Times Observer
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The U.S.A.(Babylon) has become a cesspool of narcissism, hate, corruption, deceit, no accountability, no shame, and materialism all because this once great country has turned their back on God and His son, Jesus Christ. If you want to "blame" someone for your troubles, look in a mirror.

Satan(the Devil, Lucipher, the Deceiver) has managed to deceive, manipulate, and make the people of this country turn their backs on God. Just look around.

Satan comes to steal, kill, and destroy and has obviously succeeded. If your so quick to blame someone, blame Satan. He likes to hide behind the scenes while we manage to tear each other apart. This is what the devil wants and he is winning. He wants your very soul because he hates you and he will get it if you let him.... Your reward from Satan will be an ETERNITY of pain and torment in Hell.

The SOLUTION is GOD and accepting His Son, Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior. HE IS THE ANSWER. GOD is LOVE and HE wants everyone to be in Heaven with HIM for ETERNITY. He can help you with your sins and troubles in life. Just ask HIM for forgiveness and repent of your sins. JESUS CHRIST is the answer. HE is our bridge to ALMIGHTY GOD.

This is THE MOST IMPORTANT DECISION you will EVER make in your life. The choice is yours... The time is at hand.
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