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Subject Immigrants aren't assimilating to us... we are being forced to assimilate to them.
Poster Handle Forever.the.Student
Post Content

Normally refugees come into a country and are anxious to assimilate to that countries way of life.

Not any more...

Now (illegal) immigrants from a foreign land pour in... still claiming allegiance to their homeland and making no effort to assimilate.

On top of that, the native people of these countries are told they must assimilate / accommodate the foreigners customs, society, religion and law (Sharia).... And anything short of allowing same is a hate crime !

The immigrants aren't assimilating to us...

we are being FORCED to assimilate to them.

Further, taxpayer money has been used to bomb middle eastern countries to give incentive to those peoples to move !!

European countries are already dying while the Muslims run free, committing crimes, and the native peoples are thrown in jail for speaking up = hate crime.

Our politicians, in both Europe and America are using these immigrants to overthrow their own countries...

using the courts to squelch any backlash by the people (hate crime)

while they aid and abet foreign powers bent on our home countries destruction.

This is TREASON to their oath, their office and their people!

All so they can have cheap labor and a One World Government.

And they don't even try to hide it....
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