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Message Subject Immigrants aren't assimilating to us... we are being forced to assimilate to them.
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
This issue comes about because of the mass immigration from one common language group and cultural background.

The 'latins' who are speaking either spanish or portuguese are of a common cultural background.

They do not plan to ever assimilate by will to become 'American'

The important part of legal immigration is 'NATURALIZATION'

Naturalization is where the people who immigrate here legally are required by law to learn the US National Language of ENGLISH (common language is important).

They are also required to learn American History.

Those who immigrate illegally do not follow law and do not have to learn English or American History.

The latin culture is not based on morals and ethics unless they are Catholic people.

The US Constitution is written in ENGLISH therefore it is are NATIONAL Language.

Illegals are not reading this site,because they dont read english and dont care about what we think.
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