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02/14/2019 01:14 PM
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Guys, I have a serious problem with T-Mobile. We have been fighting with them for THREE MONTHS after we switched to their cell service. They were supposed to pay off our old contracts with Sprint. We figured since they were all going to be T-Mobile anyway soon, it wouldn't matter if we did this now or later. So, on Dec. 1, we switched carriers.

First they had trouble moving all our data to our new phones - took an entire WEEK-END, after which they reluctantly replaced the SIM Cards in BOTH Hub's and my phones (these were supposed to be BRAND NEW PHONES) and then it only took about a half hour.

That issue resolved, we thought we were in the clear. Then I start getting notices from Sprint that the old bill has NOT been paid off, as promised. Now, FOUR BILLING CYCLES LATER (and the bill continuing to CLIMB), Sprint is sending my bills to collections.

Phone calls to T-Mobile's billing department only result in another "Customer Service" rep and another one who PROMISES to "get back to me" and "They're working on it....."

I feel like I've stepped into the old TV Show "Punked."

Anyway, what I need help on is: WHO do I contact to help with this? I'm in FL, and I have the number/website for Dept. of Agriculture & Consumer Services.....but it looks like (after reading through it and preparing to file a complaint with them) that all they care about is am I getting illegal phone calls? Or did I get bad food somewhere?


I need to find the regulatory agency to oversees these cell carriers, and I'm just getting nowhere. Maybe because I'm totally frustrated and irate (not strong enough word, but it'll have to do).

I don't want to contact a private attorney yet, although that possibility isn't totally off the table.

Thank all you wonderful people here. And no, there isn't really anyone IRL who seems to have a clue what to do, either. I've ranted to about everyone I know! Since we just got into this contract, I doubt if I threaten to quit them - that they'd take that seriously at all.

Thank you everyone.