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Message Subject How to prepare for the pole shift or plasma apocalypse
Poster Handle CopyNinja87
Post Content
Why this year?
There is geographical evidence of lots of magnetic pole shifts but very few actual pole shifts. Mass extinction does not occur with magnetic pole shifts.

I’m not saying that if the magnetic pole continues to move faster we won’t be in a possible world of shit. It could allow for a bad CME which could screw up our dependence on electricity. That is my fear.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 77590299

To be honest with you, my sources tell me that it MIGHT be this year. I get my information from a couple of researchers named Mia and Brian on YT. They said it is very likely to happen this year. The reason why is because the pole shift depends on the shortening of days. Since our time is passing faster, the event is soon arriving. Our sun is intimately connected to our measurement of time, the electromagnetic field, and the onset of the next pole shift.

If you want to check out their videos, search up Mia’s new pair of glasses and Brian Austin lambert 33 on YT.

If you are awake to occult symbolism, there are many signs from the media as well, such as Avengers Endgame and Times Up movement.

Severe weather, plane crashes, all of these are signs. They explain it as climate change because that’s what it is. But they fail to acknowledge their true level of threat and instead pass it off as normal for as long as they can. There has also been many streetlights going out due to the electrical interference from the EM field undergoing changes.
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