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Message Subject Pole Shift coming 9-11-2020 or 03-07-2021 (How to Prepare; 5000 feet MINIMUM! #plasma
Poster Handle Just Some Chick
Post Content
I've spent the last 3 or more hours watching videos of what I think you are talking about. It's terrifying and has left me with a defeatist train of thought. There is no underground place or cave near me.
 Quoting: Just Some Chick

"bugout bag" that's funny .IF a global cataclysmic event occurred on the orderof the asteroid that wiped out the dinosaurs.

Where you gonna' bug out too?

The fucking dinosaurs lived their lives outside; They didn't need additional heat; food or shelter than that provided by nature. they all died. "bug out bag" lol.

"YOUTUBE" IS NOT RESEARCH. Youtube is some public school educated idiot ranting about things he doesn't understand.

For example: I give you the"rockets don't work in a vacuum guy" who "proves" his thesis by drawing an analog to air moving through a vacuum cleaner attachment.

And any number of ridiculous flat earth videos.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 77376498

Why are you quoting me? I didn't mention a bug out bag, nor did I say everything on YT is credible. In fact, I didn't even state my official belief of the matter.
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