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Message Subject How to prepare for the plasma apocalypse (pole shift)
Poster Handle JJ Insane 1
Post Content
The poles will reverse directions. All manner of disasters will happen. The ones you saw affecting Texas were only the beginning. There will be tornadoes, hurricanes, tsunamis, conflagration fires, lightning storms, earthquakes.

Trust your instincts. The pole shift is coming. If you don’t like my attitude, then leave. I don’t need rude ppl here distracting this threads purpose. You’re not doing any good cussing me out on the internet.

After stocking up on food and water and making a bob, plan a location far away from cities. It needs to be very high elevation, far away from forests because of combustion, and local water sources.

The sun will go out for 3 days and nights. There will be no light and heat during that time. Although I do not believe in Christianity, the Bible tells parts of the truth. Their rapture is a deception to draw others into suicide during these disasters.

Here is a short version of a recommended bug out list:

Mini bug out bag (21 items; $50 value)

1 MRE ration
Candy bars

5 bottles water
20 water purifier tablets

Eye protection:
UV sunglasses
Eye drops

Ear protection:
5 pairs earplugs

Light source:
Flashlight AA
3 glow sticks

5 Dental floss picks

2 dust masks
Baseball cap (no mesh)

Emergency blanket

Smelling salts

10 ft. Paracord
Aluminum foil
Leather gloves

The lightning storms will be louder and brighter than you’ve ever witnessed. This is why you need the extra eye and hearing protection. Without them, you’ll go blind and deaf, also undergo a medical condition called shell shock. Your brain will suffer permanent trauma and become unable to walk or talk properly.

In order to understand why all this will happen, you have to accept the earth is flat and throw out everything about the heliocentric universe you learned in school. Which is why it would take eons to explain as well as distract from the preparation aspect of this thread.
 Quoting: CopyNinja87

Listen friend,
"If" anything like this ever does happen... You can forget that bugging out bullshit. NO ONE above ground will survive.
Over 400 nuclear power plants going 100% Fukushima all at once will guarantee a nice radiation filled apocalyptic death.
Nobody ever stops to think about the inevitable disaster our earth murdering technology will cause as soon as the back up generators go down.
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