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Message Subject How to prepare for the pole shift or plasma apocalypse
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content

what does it look like?

are we talking earths crustal displacement event?
Just a magnetic pole event
a magnetosphere collapse event
take out most the electrical grid?
effect the jet streams
effect volcanism
effect earthquakes

I mean, get ready is a tiny bit vague.

Get ready for what exactly?

What would the survival rate be, I may just want to take a trip to Disney world or something and set on the beach and wait for it perhaps?

I mean it's been alot of fun and you guys are all pretty cool to hang out with, but, I would have to dust off the bug out bags and replenish some food stuff.
 Quoting: GodFrequency

5000' minimum? Whats 5000'

i call BS. besides, nobody could put s date on something like that

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