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Message Subject Pole Shift coming 9-11-2020 or 03-07-2021 (How to Prepare; 5000 FT MINIMUM!) *UPDATE*
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
And it’s all gonna happen in the course of 1 day .
 Quoting: Mollzyie

when the shtf it will be events spread over many years. First is the warming that we are now experiencing. It will continue and then escalate - need to watch the next 5 years, as an escalation may be underway. Eventually, regardless of timelines the warming will be undeniable.

Then the gods return in the form of rocks - comets and asteroids - pann-starrs (pagan god pan...etc - many rocks named after gods lol)

Then the sun goes to war with them - that's the mythological (but true) war in the heavens and both sides will suffer including the entire inner solar system.

Then finally another Ice Age begins.

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