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Message Subject How to prepare for the pole shift or plasma apocalypse
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
You used term that is used by most liars?? Be careful it shows
statement of those truly unsure!

Now Issue! THIS IS THE PLACE of HELL... Look around you and see
what Bad Things Do!!? Any GROUP that Rapes, Kills Little Children, Allows same to Own and Run Mass Media?? Goes Around
Searching for the worst in all things and brings them to YOU
Each Day! ALL IS BAD, WRONG and YOU are Just Another VICTIM!

Rejoice, SOMETHING Is Coming To SAVE YOUR ASS!!!
One of your PEOPLE, A HUMAN, In the 1960's and on SAW the Fake
EVIL ASS Rule of this PLANET was run by This EVIL GROUP, with its fake wars, heroin business, etc. Pulled off a TASK in the 1970's by reaching outside this firmament and messaging way
outside, called for help!!! Three ANGELS of light, were sent back with me and the message of this planet being secretly run
in a hidden place was sent - out! It took a total of 25 yrs. to
reach and return to this PRISON FARM!

NOW, these beings showed up in MASS and are the ones that made them TELL ABOUT THEIR EVIL ASS " Criminal Evil EMPIRE "> THIS
EARTH KNOWS ALL AND Has told all> so worry not this group is being tagged and all their words heard> so before that date you or them will be replaced!
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