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Message Subject How to prepare for the pole shift or plasma apocalypse
Poster Handle Fluffy Pancakes
Post Content
EMPCO order of events:

Winter Solstice
1) 3 days of darkness starting on Dec. 21, 2019-2022
2) Loss of gravity for several hours

3) Pressure release from dome above and dome below
4) Plasma entering from above lighting everything on fire
a) if you are struck by plasma or submerged in water you will turn into an ash statue
b) all cities both big and small will burn in a raging fire
c) wildlife fried everywhere you go
5) Massive earthquakes exceeding the Richter scale shakes the whole earth
a) rockslides, mudslides, avalanches, buildings, bridges, highways —- anything that can fall will fall
b) tsunamis reach ungodly heights and take away everything by the coast and miles inland
6) Floodwaters from North Pole pour down from the sun opening and drown everything less than 5000 feet elevation (you may get away with 3000 but it’s not likely)
7) Storms ravage every part of the continents with tempest level winds similar to category 5 hurricanes/tornadoes

New Year
8) After 1 week of this harassment, plasma finally begins to recede, and you can see these things
a) northern aurora lights
b) red sky
c) Vajra above our dome at the center North Pole
d) neuron that connects us to nine other realms on this same plane
e) one solid season of mild 74 degree weather

8) 3 months later, by Easter of the following year, is when things settle down, and you can rebuild society with gardens/towns and such.

The disasters listed occur simultaneously. Around 0.1 to 0.5% will make it through and survive according to Brian because of the lag time between the previous EMPCO. The Bible uses fractions of a third of this, a third of that, so a majority of mankind will perish. I don’t know the exact numbers, but it doesn’t look very good.
 Quoting: CopyNinja87

The 74 degree weather sounds quite lovely.

Other than that, as I have stated previously, I am positive their Winter Solstice idea is off. And I can see it happening within 5 years due to the magnetic North issues.

It is a really good business model, but it goes against my belief system. Not everyone worthy of living has the potential to pay 333 bucks for information. But I do appreciate you posting your info here, OP.

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