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Message Subject How to prepare for the pole shift or plasma apocalypse
Poster Handle CopyNinja87
Post Content
I'm confused. B'AL led us to believe the only warning would be if the sun didn't rise from the dead three days after the winter solstice. Was that not the message?

What are all these other dates? Is he just making things up now?
 Quoting: poobah 77179326

The 3 days of darkness happen during the actual pole shift. It’s a reset of the plasma sun for reversing its spin direction. The sun has not always risen from the East. In past times, it has risen from the West.

The new dates are based off sun movement on either the summer solstice or winter solstice. The time needed to reach the outer edge of our world (going south), or reach the ultimate center (going north), from each tropic, is exactly 260 days.

Therefore, Dec. 21, 2019 + 260 days = Sept. 11, 2020

Also, June 21, 2020 + 260 days = Mar. 7, 2021

This is how Brian arrived at these two date predictions.

In order to cause a pole shift, the plasma sun needs to hit the center (North Pole) or outer edge (South Pole) of our [flat] world.

These cataclysms have repeated themselves time and time again. Nobody knows how to stop them, not even the controllers (Illuminati), nor their masters (?). They just know that they need to keep the population in check until it’s time to rebuild society and exert control all over again.
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