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Message Subject Floaters in my eyes gone with anti parasite protocol + detox + suppliments
Poster Handle Sacred Geometry
Post Content
I'll share more of the exact products I use, tomorrow.

Here's the medical clay (bentonite) +herb mixture I drink.

[link to www.svenskhalsokost.se (secure)]

It removes toxins, heavy metals, radiation (Chernobyl rained on me, I gotta get that out. Now we have Fukushima + all the Depleted Uranium ill winds)

 Quoting: Sacred Geometry

Sorry but this sentence alone means you are clueless.

Another case of "the blind leading the blind".
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 37526570

I know way more then you think...

I lived in the area hit with most radiation in my country.

I was forced, by deep state fosterparents, to eat elk, food grown in the land where the rain fell... strawberries, mushrooms, veggies, berries etc.

I was trekking 8 hours a day, many weekends, for months, in high grass area, in shorts, radiation also through my skin, as we had stewatdship over trekking paths, that we looked after.

Maximum destruction / attack on DNA Torsion antenna... high level magic warfare.

Many wasn't as exposed as I, and have thyroid issues now.

Bentonite clay removes the radiation from the cells.

The Russians gave their population bentonite clay baked into chocolate bars, etc.

My country globalist deep state traitors just wanna kill all white ayrian vikings and replace us with low IQ animal abusers...

That clous was steered and the rain released with exotic weapons black ops tech.

The whole Chernobyl hit, well...

Read Lt. Col. Tom. E Bearden's intel, US Army Retired...

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