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Message Subject Floaters in my eyes gone with anti parasite protocol + detox + suppliments
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content

I had those black specks of floaters for soo many years.

Especially my left eye.

For a couple of nights I had light flashes behind the eye when I went to bed.

I have read about others who got scared when they felt creepy sensations behind their eyes after taking high doses of anti parasite tinctures.

But I'm just so extremely happy.

Dunno if it was worms leaving parts or morgellons, but what ever it was it's dead and dissolved. Not even bromealin enzymes or serrapeptase enzymes got rid of the floaters! This did though!!

I also have been taking vitamins, minerals, drinking Apple Cider Vinegar etc, but that's enothing new really.

The new regimen I think helped me was ~

"Green" Black walnut & wormwood drops.
(Kills parasites, worms etc.)

Clove (powder, bought in the spice shelf)
(kills the eggs)
Drank it in tea with ceylon cinnamon

============ ^^^ when parasites die they release toxins

These things help battle the healing crises >>>

Oregano oil, drops in water (a very "hot" oil, be careful, blend it. I also rubbed my lymphatic system after cupping, blended with virgin coconut oil)

It's a natural antibiotic etc, super healthy!!

Then ~~~

I have detoxed with zeolite and bentonite baths
It pulls poisons, toxins, and RADIATION, heavy metals etc out of your body.

I have been drinking medical graded bentonite with a blend containing 40 herbs. (Holistic, ultra detox blend).

Drinking activated charcoal, liquid. In water.

My liver struggles, so I'm puffy around my eyes, cheeks, chin, and old skin issues flared up.

But it's so worth it. It will get better (I hope, lol)

Getting my energy back slowly.

I have been poisoned several times, tick bites, ring worm infections, pharma, vaccines, radiation rainfall, black mold exposure...

I was very sick... but after I started with this I am slowly getting better.

I can share more later, too tired.

 Quoting: Sacred Geometry

Not sure what's causing it, but floaters are actually pieces of your retina flaking off
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 77033694

A highly regarded opthalmologist told me that is what they are, and often caused by hitting your head in an accident or a sudden impact that causes cells to break;free from the back of your retina.

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