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Message Subject Floaters in my eyes gone with anti parasite protocol + detox + suppliments
Poster Handle Sacred Geometry
Post Content
Good morning from Europe.

I will reply / respond more later, need coffe.

I added a red colored request at the first post, that new readers should read through the thread before replying...

It's so irritating that strangers actually seriously make false claims that I shouldn't have gotten rid of the floaters!!????

MY GOD, I was soo happy...
Why are some of you so bitter and negative?
That's very troublesome...

The dissapearence of the eye floaters wasn't even on my mind when I decided I must make an effort now for my comeback. I can't be a fat, depressed, aging, old dried up shit anymore who couldn't get out of bed or even move without extreme pain...

It was a surprise effect of the detox, to suddenly discover when I looked at the sky, that I no longer had any black goo in my eye vision...

I tried to analyze what I could have added to my new lifestyle that helped me get rid of the floaters.

One of the things was the Hyaloronic Acid Complex (see above comment).

More later!


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