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Message Subject Floaters in my eyes gone with anti parasite protocol + detox + suppliments
Poster Handle TakeTheHeadOffTheShrimp
Post Content
I get those floaters every now and then too. Usually the left eye also and typically after heavy nights of drinking.

They come and go but I like so ideas in your post. I would add that turpentine is a great option for removing parasites. Just soak 3 white sugar cubes with it, chew it down and swallow. I used to do this once or twice a week and remember feeling good. I need to start doing it again.
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Could it be heavy metals, fluoride, or gluphosate? Black goo?

I read a lot in human anti parasite groups, and heard of Turpentine.
Will try it, thanks.

I heard we should do it twice a year...

This is the ticture / elixir I use.

[link to se.iherb.com (secure)]


Next I plan to do a liver flush, but I'm soo nervous...

The indfo said: Fasting, drinking magnesium salt (epsom salt), then lots of olive oik, I think.

I read up about colon clenses, too nervous about that also.

Coffee enema.. but, didn't that trigger the black goo to kill Max Spiers? Or was it a hit job?

Gotta make sure my body can handle it.

God knows how much alien stuff they lace our food and drinks with...

I also wanna get a water distillator.

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Max Spiers was attacked by a Super Parasite.
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