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Message Subject Non-Earth Influence Over Media and Tech Giants
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
After watching lots of scifi movies I tend to think they are disclosing stuff. I subscribe to a more colorful theory. Kind of a Men in Black scenario in which Earth has already been invaded, many times. There are remnant species here as you say, but of all kinds, some we havent even imagined. Some of them have connections to galactic confederations, or act as their agents. Some of them eat humans, and abduct humans to sell as meat. Humans raise and sell animals as meat... So this shouldn’t be considered an outlandish theory!

They brought the internet, and cell phones, and high tech companies. They’ve been slowly getting Earth under their control. But Trump came in with intentions of stopping this. The non-earthers are having their meat farming and off-world earth resource sales businesses threatened and so they deployed all kinds of AI war games programs to try to get control.

Then the AI programs all overlapped chaotically and have produced all the confusing plots and plans since Trump was elected. Trump’s policy has been to allow things to unfold so that humanity begins to get what’s been going on in the background. Maybe he is controlled opposition, maybe... He is an actor, after all. But just maybe he is a Man in Black. A Galaxy Defender.

“Your first, your last, your only line of defense...”

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