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Message Subject Jesus Christ is king of the kings, He is true messiah, He is Lord, He is son of God and HE IS AWESOME!!
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
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I believe in Jesus Christ and that many have been touched by, visited by, given protection by his name and more.

I believe he was an Avatar (one of many who came or was born to help mankind) but possibly the only who was filled with the "Christos" as the Greeks called it. Buddha may have been one of the others who have been recorded as having this quality, but I couldn't personally name any other from other countries and their beliefs or lore around the world.

I believe the teachings of Christ, or rather, what is attributed to him as having said or told the rest of us to do, is sound and logical in terms of not serving one's ego and instead, having a higher focus or purpose to "Love thy neighbor" and serving one another and not ourselves as much as we do. In turn, this may in fact, place our souls at some higher advancement or place in the hereafter.

As for much of what's written in the Bible, there is too much in the way of Bible codes, alterations, omissions and the fact that man had a hand in writing it. Many (those who believe in the Bible) will argue that it was "divinely inspired", however, considering that Jesus NEVER WROTE ANYTHING HIMSELF is pretty suspect and how it doesn't make sense when he is supposed to have been leading so many to his way of thinking, something quite a bit radical as opposed to what was going on at that time.

I hate to say this, but for me, the way the Bible is constructed (Old and New Testaments), it PROVES who had the most direct hand in writing it and I've argued that it was for the g***m, to give us both our own God, while still adhering to many of their own laws (O.T.) and finally with hell as punishment if we disobey. To the end, both Christianity and Islam are products of J****h design and every war and show of power and control, has ALWAYS been to keep the masses in check.

That's a small take on what I believe, but I do think Jesus was real, here to help mankind lead a good life and therefore to evolve, and that many words and actions have been attributed to Jesus where it should not be.

Jesus is the King of Kings, no doubt.
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