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Message Subject Energetic Sites
Poster Handle Coming Into Existence
Post Content
This is Phoenix perspective towards dragons.

‘Who holds the sword holds the key
The warrior is the answer
The key to life, death, resurrection
Who holds the key holds the answer’

When the door opens the three will become one. To find the way, opens the door. All when the apex is high. The key and answer must come together.

Circa 2014, interesting
Noting the dangers of thoths sword.
 Quoting: Fancypantz

Dang, that dream with the fire and then picking flowers off plants was very telling.
Now Thinking about it
 Quoting: Fancypantz

That is freaky. That is the structure in my dream now looking.
*plays creepy music

Saying more about it, in he dream I was inside really high up and then go to the outside seeing people grilling a huge gas grill. I wave my hand over to see if it’s hot and notice the flames are really high and I get very annoyed at the stupidity of the grillers and then scale the walls very high up to the fire. Everyone’s putting it out and then I’m roaming the gardens about a healing herb and talking to a man whose picking the purple flowers wrong. So I show the gentle way for the plants senses.
 Quoting: Fancypantz

I’m glad it was inline with the two types of lineages
Passed down knowledge
Born with knowledge
 Quoting: Coming Into Existence


Similar to

Taught is similar to unborn unbegotten within the wilderness heavily guarded with the environment choosing where the lineage goes.
 Quoting: Coming Into Existence

Dang right down to the day with the flower

[link to www.thecinemaholic.com (secure)]

The man responsible for the death of these five women is Joseph Schultz. He had come to the forest in 1940. He was a Nazi who had been sent on one of the expeditions of Hitler to locate a power that only indigenous people know about. He spends many years in the jungle and becomes the leader of Ya’arikawas. He wins their trust by helping them defeat the loggers, foreigners who attack them and want to take the jungle for themselves. A number of tribes have met a similar problem and whenever they have crossed paths with Joseph, he has provided them with two options. Either to become one of the Ya’arikawas or die.

His main motive here is to gain Yua’s trust and trick him into telling him the secret of the Eternals.

Helena the torch was door and key Joseph wanted to find. That’s why the candle takes out the light and the darkness. Clever indigenous eternal. The man made created forest melding with the wilderness forest jungle.
 Quoting: Coming Into Existence

Interestingly, being a modern man structure did take quite an adjustment in all aspects.
 Quoting: Coming Into Existence

Oh, cultivation of dna is species of men backstory that has much sadness to it.
 Quoting: Coming Into Existence

The boogeyman
 Quoting: Coming Into Existence

Rocket science explosions never bring the result of expectations through cultivation’s whether supernatural or material lol
Remembering agricultural effects of today’s impact of disease and cesspools within all aspects of trial and error lifestyles.
Idiocy is always going to idiocy lol
 Quoting: Coming Into Existence

Detail is fractal design of moving through time space. No matter inward or outward movement. Awkward explanation because mystery is still mystery leaving the long lineage of order and chaos as explanation to descendants. Lol
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