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Message Subject the cthutulu / atlantis priestess / princess
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
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The reason Abzu is equivalent to “cosmic water”, or the KHAA, is because Abzu is another name for Khan En.lil. When Marduk and En.ki conquered Tiamat, which we discussed earlier, they also slayed Abzu and “dwelled in his dead carcass,” which means he took over Abzu’s role as the Ruler of the Heavens—or at least, that’s how En.ki looked at it.[41] Abzu, in both the Sumerian and Babylonian texts, is equivalent to a “primordial dragon,” and the primordial dragons, in Orion terms, are the Mother Goddess and Khan En.lil. In the following text, it tells us how Abzu was slain by Ea[42] and how he set up his home in Abzu’s carcass, which was the Temple of Eridu.

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