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Message Subject A friend of mine believes that the Earth is flat. I challenged him to prove it by walking off the edge...
Poster Handle Doctor Manhattan
Post Content

And no, I don't "just" believe bible. I believe what we can see, and thats too far past the curvature and still see something we technically can't if we're on a globe, that's what I will call bullshit on.

So if you have one side lying (and we know its possible to control something on a mass scale with deception and lies...Trump vs Globalists (leftists/antifa/socialists/democrats/communists)...now think another layer of deception above that. That is the veil that the Elite have over the public.

Thats the last red pill to swallow, but in the end you realize we're created and not just some random speck like the true Elite want you to believe.

Math is undebatable. 2+2 is always 4. So if we can't see those mountains if we're on a globe like they tell us... but we see them, what does that tell you?

End of the rabbit hole, but at least now you know God is real. Theres a reason why Christianity is being suppressed while Islam is flooding everything, all of you know this is true so why deny everything thats right in your face?

But most will rather take the easier side and blend in with the rest to not get ridiculed, and disbelieve anything they can prove themselves, and that is perfectly fine.
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