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Message Subject A friend of mine believes that the Earth is flat. I challenged him to prove it by walking off the edge...
Poster Handle Hydra
Post Content
As expected: bullshit video #51

Distance = 123 miles
Observer height = 63 meters (Point Dume, Malibu)
Target height = 3302 meters (Mt. San Jacinto)

Applying standard refraction 1880 meters of Mt. San Jacinto is hidden and 1422 meters are visible.

The buildings visible in the foreground are from the Marina del Rey at a distance of 31 km. Given the observers height, less then 10 cm are hidden of the buildings.
[link to www.metabunk.org (secure)]

Why do these flat-earth-distance-fuckwits never take atmospheric refraction into account? Is it on purpose, to deliberately deceive the watchers, or is it stupidity?
 Quoting: Hydra

The mountains should not be visible, if the curve were true (your having a functional disconnect here).

But they are, which means, there is no curve. Refraction or not, it would not cause the entire mountain range that would be behind a curve to magically appear over the horizon. Refraction/mirages do not work that way at all.

The only thing visible at that camera altitude if we were on a globe, would be a section of the top of the mountains - but instead we can clearly see it way more than just the peak, ...
 Quoting: Doctor Manhattan

I gave you the link to a correct calculator for calculating what part of an object is hidden and what is visible: [link to www.metabunk.org (secure)]

Only if atmospheric refraction is not taken into account, only a small part of the mountain should be visible.

Unfortunately, for the flattards, atmospheric refraction is real - and applying standard refraction, from the 3302 meter high mountain 1880 meters are hidden and 1422 meters are visible.

And, isn't it funny, that it fits with the numbers (in feet) given in the video at 5:00. [link to www.youtube.com (secure)] (I hope you can convert meters into feet.)

... some of it hidden obviously because of distance and where the sky meets the land horizon line, but at that distance its called convergence and the image gets so tiny it gets compressed visually but nothing drastic like a mirage, and it certainly would not magically lift a mountain over the horizon because were using infared.
 Quoting: Doctor Manhattan

Does that gibberish make any sense? No.

I don't get why so many refuse to see that, the end result is better anyway and more logical, God is real. Would you rather God not be real and us a random speck like they want to sell you, because the price ain't worth it.
 Quoting: Doctor Manhattan

So your god can only create a pizza earth?

My God can create a complete universe from a single, tiny point. A universe that develops itself into galaxies, stars, planets, ....
You should feel intense shame that you diminish God by claiming, he can only create a pizza-earth.
 Quoting: Hydra

Your mocking shit you don't understand at all. "a pizza earth" Guess what, that "pizza earth" is providing everything right now, its your existence, so you can mock all you want.
 Quoting: Doctor Manhattan


No comment on the calculation of the visible part of the mountain?
Yep, I blew up your funny video. Bullshit flat earth video #51, bullshit like all the other 50 bullshit videos.

If fine dude, believe the earth is round, because they tell you, ignore reality.
 Quoting: Doctor Manhattan

Reality shows me that a German equatorial telescope mount works fine on a globe earth - care to explain how it works on a flat earth.
Reality shows me that the linear scale on the Samrat Yantra in Jaipur works fine on a globe earth - care to explain how it works on a flat earth.
Reality shows me that the height of Polaris above the north pole works fine on a globe earth - care to explain how it works on a flat earth.

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