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Message Subject A friend of mine believes that the Earth is flat. I challenged him to prove it by walking off the edge...
Poster Handle LHP598
Post Content

I'm saying your horizon is the same distance from you in all directions. As it is the same distance there should not be a visible curve.
 Quoting: LHP598

I agree with you. However the physical characteristics of a sphere do not.

Nothing is flat on a sphere. Especially one that supposedly curves 8” per mile ^2
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 74189820

When your horizon is the same distance in all directions the horizon will appear flat as the drop is the same in all directions. Not my fault that you can't understand that.
 Quoting: LHP598

I understand it. You don’t understand the physics of a sphere. “Appear as flat” is ridiculous and if you lived on a ball it would be self evident. Especially one that is spinning at break neck speed

Please, continue in your stupidity - it’s amusing
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 74189820

No, you don't understand it. And the spin has nothing to do with how it appears. But thanks for the humor!
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