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Message Subject Real anti gravity propulsion system - levity
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Chapter 14 An Open Letter To Nobel Prize and Breakthrough Prize

What is the speed of gravity?

The speed of gravity is light speed.


Because all scientists say so. Textbooks say so. Everyone thinks so.
Therefore, gravity’s speed is 3 x 10^8 m/s.

This is a common mistake due to bad high education. Gravity has no speed-- it is an
eternal property of mass.

The fact is gravity has no speed, gravity does not propagate from Sun to earth at light speed, gravity is coexisting and constantly attracting the Sun and earth, and therefore gravity has no speed, it is instantaneous.

Force has the attitude, direction, and carrier. Force has no speed. This is a simple fact and logical, so why are all scientists confused? Our science education is severely lacking.

Scientists lied about detecting a gravity wave a few years ago.
Today they lied about taking a picture of a black hole.

What is going on? Why do they think people are all stupid?

You guys should drain the science swamp, otherwise, who else can do it?
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