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Message Subject There it is. NYC libtard 1st Daughter Ivanka lobbies Congress to pass Red Flag Gun Laws.
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
I told all of you fuckers from the beginning. But NOOOOOO...... Trump is a good guy. He's draining the swamp. He's putting America first. He's playing 4D chess. Q and Q+ is Trump and his Intelligence Agencies. BULL-FUCKING-SHIT!


Now comes the time. If he puts that pen to paper and signs that shit into law, then REAL Americans will have to make a very serious choice. This cannot be allowed in a government for the people by the people.

Always remember, if they try to suspend the Constitution so they can do what they want. Then guess what.... that means we can do what we want too. They can only enforce any law of the land through a military means at that point. And that means anyone that is able to stand militarily has just as much say so over territory. If the Taliban can hold their ground, then so can red-blooded Americans that have a bone to pick with all of the corrupted filth in Washington including Trump now. And I have a feeling many military members will feel the same way.
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