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Message Subject There it is. NYC libtard 1st Daughter Ivanka lobbies Congress to pass Red Flag Gun Laws.
Poster Handle Pilgrim001
Post Content
If her father signs such a law I will have to change my handle on GLP.

That doesn't work for me.
 Quoting: The Forever Deplorable Adytum

Trump was a full blown NYC pro abort, anti gun democrat for over sixty years...how can you not know this? I predicted all of this three years ago..and told everyone trump is a Trojan horse...nobody listened.
 Quoting: Halfbreedgal 71278017

Well, if he decides he does not want to.be re-elected, he can tell us, his base, to fuck off.

It's a free country.

I believe you can do anything you want if you are willing to deal with the consequences.

You really think Trump would be ok being a one term loser like Carter or George H.W.Bush?

I don't think so.

You can ride a dragon, but be careful stepping off.

 Quoting: The Forever Deplorable Adytum

Trump will not be reelected for the simple reason that the Blue collar voters in the Blue Wall States who won him the election are no longer fooled by his Neocon agenda. He lost those voters the second he bombed Syria on a pack of lies, kissed Saudi ass, put Israel First, and continued the Neocon foreign policy agenda that has cost so many blue collar American boys and girls their lives in the Middle East.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 77917054

All of that pisses me off.
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