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the beginning of history. the GREAT conspiracy

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08/27/2019 08:02 PM

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the beginning of history. the GREAT conspiracy
an elder cave WOMAN grunted at a young male caveman and pointed.she was too old to outrun dibosaurs but she was very wise. she pointed at her tits and crotch and and her mouth." feed me and u have this", thou she spoke no words. the male went to get food.

the wise elder used the extra food the young caveman had brought back to get more females. soon the wise old cave-woman had many young males bringing back food. she got the woman to make clothing and baskets so the males could carry back more food. all the young male cavemen hunted for more food and slept with the women at night.

so u see the elder cave-woman had the world's 1st HOE house. without being elected,she was the 1st govern leader.

this legend is well-known to REDNECK's. where do u think they got the word "HOE DOWN" from? 2 men were fighting over the same woman.neither wanted to sleep with the elder cave-woman.

so u see folks,the 1st leader was a WOMAN. the idea to work for anything is a conspiracy started by women against males. not much has changed in a few thousand years, has it?

women did not come up with women's lib. why would they?they were living better than men already. duhh a man thought up women's lib to get more tax $$ for his pockets.

2020 The SHTF literally as TP ran out.

ARM like u never have before.
there is 1 force of magic left to counter whatever comes.

it is time to call GHOSTBUSTERS to build this city with rock n roll. turn every radio and stereo on in this whole damn world. mayb just mayb it works again.