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Message Subject Proof that the Bible is Supernaturally Designed, fulfilling Prophecy in this Thread
Poster Handle 232
Post Content
Lets break down the first word of Genesis.


Bet Resh Aleph Shin Yod Tau = The letters in Hebrew

Bet Resh = Son
Aleph = God
Shin = destroyed
Yod = hand
Tau = cross

This reads "(The) Son (of) God (was) destroyed (by His own) hand (on the) cross."

Bet Resh Aleph = Son of God

Bet Resh = Son

Bet = The Hebrew letter who sits at the right hand of Aleph

So I just showed you that Yeshua HaMashiach (who sits at the right hand of The Father) is represented by the very first letter of Genesis.

 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 63270826


The Blogger address that opens up in a sub-window at

[link to 31102bible.com]

When someone clicks on that link, opens this blogger address, with all the other site options _ links.

http: // www. BetReshAlephShinYadTaw .blogspot.com

When you get there either way, go back to the very first post on the site, and you'll find what you showed me in a little more detail.

Thanks for participating

[link to betreshalephshinyadtaw.blogspot.com]
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